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Pharmacy Mall was established in 1997 and today has more than 125,000 customers worldwide. The partnership with leading drug-manufacturers allows us to establish direct deliveries of pharmaceutical products from manufacturers from many countries, including those with a worldwide reputation.

Pharmacy Mall offers customers a range of more than 300 preparations, hygiene products and skin care. The pharmacy ensures a system of discounts. Promotions are held on a large list of goods every month: cosmetics, medicines and herbal supplements. Information on promotional items can be found on our website in the “Coupon Code” section, as well as our pharmacists can always help you make a choice of the right medication.

Quick Search in Online Catalog

Nowadays, the speed of searching for information and products is very important. It relates to online stores. A quick search for drugs by name and the active substance is arranged on the site for those who know what he needs or is in a hurry.

It means you can simply find the drug by name, or if you know only the active substance, you can find the entire list of drugs in which it is included.

The search is performed “on the fly”, that is, the results appear immediately. You can add an item to the cart immediately from this list of results by specifying the required number of pills in a package. By means of the search results, you can also go to the flypage and learn more about the medication.Pharmacy Mall Online

Security Issues

Pharmacy Mall secures the data left on the website. We take all the efforts ensuring a 100% guarantee of storing personal data. Our company doesn’t disclose the data left by customers because their security is our priority.

Pharmacy Mall Staff

Canadian Pharmacy Mall employs highly skilled and professional staff. Our recruitment service constantly monitors the quality of service offered and provided, as well as the speed of the service. Pharmacists constantly undergo advanced trainings.

Dr. Nikhil Chandoori was born in 1979 in Nagpur. He graduated from The University of Delhi 15 years ago. He was engaged in various projects relating to the improvement of generics’ quality. After some period of time, he decided to move to the United States where he planned to start further developing of this sphere. Finally, he was employed as a chief pharmacist in Pharmacy Mall. He continues introducing new ideas in the pharmaceutical business specifically in generics production. Moreover, he writes instructions for use given at Pharmacy Mall online. Dr. Nikhil Chandoori makes everything possible to attract much more people from all over the world to buy high-quality generic medications. He has a strong belief generics may have a better quality than brands have.

Dr. Raja Bhaumik was born in 1977 in Panjim. He was also studied at the University of Delhi together with Dr. Nikhil Chandoori. They were friends and kindred souls striving to improve the health states of many poor people in the world. The development of generics’ production in the USA may help achieve this aim. Dr. Raja Bhaumik also moved to the USA and started looking for investments. Dr. Nikhil Chandoori has been already working at Pharmacy Mall for a certain period of time that’s why he offered Dr. Raja Bhaumik to join this staff. He agreed and started working with his best friend. Now, Raja is a reliable employee striving to help people almost 24 hours. You may read the instructions for use for the medications as well written by this specialist. He also gives the responses to the customers’ inquiries striving to cope with their troubles.

Dr. Rekha Singh is the youngest employee at Pharmacy Mall. She was born in the USA but her parents’ native country is India. She graduated from the Medical High School in 2002. She was working as a pharmacist in the conventional drugstore for a long period of time but retired because she cannot understand how such expensive drugs may help people improve health. As a result, she left an application for a job in Pharmacy Mall. She was employed and started as a learner. Step by step she grappled how to carry out eCommerce trading. She was succeeded. Now, she has great experience in selling generic medications via the Internet. Moreover, she looks for the authoritative drug-manufacturers who meet all the standards in the generics’ production.

Dr. Mayuri Singapuram is an editor. Her posted articles in a blog of Pharmacy Mall are popular among people striving to get to know much more about this or that disorder. Ella has Bachelor Degree of Medicine. She is not a practicing doctor anymore but she has a plenty of knowledge about medicine and pharmacy. It gives her a legal right to release the information, for example about erectile dysfunction. She is in constant development because she has a desire to inform people about the most significant things ever.

We are the Best Trader!

Pharmacy Mall is an online trader by means of which people are able to find everything they are required to maintain and improve the health. But we should point out we are not drug-manufacturer, we are a trader and intermediator between manufacturers and customers. We are cooperating with professional, licensed and certified drug manufacturers. If any questions belonging to the drugs’ quality will appear please address the manufacturer directly.

Our prices allow us to gain more and more customers from all over the world. We do not overestimate them and have no goal to take advantage of our customers’ expenses. Our main goal is to provide everything necessary for customers’ health. Our online store does its best to meet all customers’ needs.

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