Levitra Interactions

Make sure to study all Levitra interactions, as the PDE5 inhibitor may not be compatible with some chemical substances.

What is important to know about Levitra?

Canadian Levitra Interactions

  • Simultaneous use of vardenafil and ketoconazole, itraconazole, ritonavir, indinavir, and produces a significant increase in the concentration of the basic substance – Vardenafil – in plasma;
  • Simultaneous use of cimetidine (400 mg twice daily regimen) does not affect the and maximum total concentration indicators of Vardenafil (at 20 mg);
  • Simultaneous administration of erythromycin with Levitra increases total concentration of Vardenafil 4 times (300%), and the maximum – three times (200%);
  • With joint application with ketoconazole, the total concentration of Vardenafil increases 10 times (900%), the maximum – four times (300%);
  • The simultaneous use of the HIV protease inhibitor (dosage 800 mg three times a day) leads to an increase in the total concentration of Vardenafil 16-fold (1500%), maximum – 7 times (600%). After 24 hours the concentration of active substance is equivalent to 4% in relation to the maximal;
  • A joint use of ritonavir and Levitra (dosage of 600 mg twice daily) increases the total concentration 49 times;
  • Testing of healthy volunteers showed that the combined use with nitroglycerin does not increase the hypotensive effect;
  • A joint application of Maalox (antacid hydroxide/magnesium aluminum hydroxide) has no effect on the total concentration;
  • Vardenafil (20 mg) doesn’t violate bioavailability when joint with such preparations as blockers histamine H2 receptor ranitidine (150 mg twice daily) and cimetidine (400 mg twice daily);
  • Vardenafil doesn’t influence the duration of bloodstream when used in combination with acetylsalicylic acid in a small dose (2 tablets of 81 mg);
  • The pharmacokinetics of Vardenafil does not change with the use of acetylsalicylic acid, weak CYP3A4 inhibitors, beta-blockers, diuretics, and hypoglycemic drugs.
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Levitra and Alcoholalcohol and pills

Levitra is a reliable and powerful medication with many positive reviews. However, its joint use with alcohol may lead to unpredictable consequences. Some men drink alcohol without incidents, others obtain very severe headache and other symptoms incompatible with sex. So, alcohol and vardenafil interaction should be avoided. The active ingredient of the drug is Vardenafil. And the reaction to the substance during coadministration with alcohol may differ. Before you start taking the drug, you should consult a doctor. Please notify him that in the future you plan co-administration of the drug and alcohol. He will select the appropriate dosage for all situations.

So, can I mix alcohol and Levitra?

Small doses of alcohol don’t cause any implications when used with Levitra.

However, Canadian Health&Care Mall advises not to abuse alcohol, especially when co-administered with these drugs. Large quantities of alcohol will not only reduce their effect but also enhance the potential side manifestations. Furthermore, alcohol has an adverse effect on the male reproductive system and may lead to potency problems.