Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies

Nowadays, many men suffer from erectile dysfunction. And they do not want to visit doctors, check, make tests, so they constantly ask themselves: How to cure erectile dysfunction at home?

You can treat sexual disorders at home using the following methods:

  • Change your lifestyle – quit smoking, refuse alcohol, prefer healthy nutrition and do sports;
  • Use special erectile dysfunction pills that give a one hundred percent guarantee for maintaining a proper erection. Such tablets restore the hormonal background and testosterone production, normalize blood supply to the pelvic organs. The best drugs for erectile dysfunction are generic Viagra (Sildenafil), generic Cialis (Tadalafil), generic Levitra (Vardenafil);
  • Use erectile dysfunction herbal remedies that restore potency, for example, ginseng, eleutherococcus, aralia, leuzea and pantocrinum;
  • Conduct medical procedures using vasodilator drugs into the cavernous body of the penis;
  • Use vacuum therapy for erectile dysfunction to expand the cavernous body and help achieve permanent erection;
  • Take advantage of psychotherapeutic techniques that relieve stress and fear of sexual activity;
  • Potency exercises, various types of massage, including a point massage.

Using these ways to treat erectile dysfunction, you can increase potency at home – this is quite an achievable task.

But you should remember that any erectile dysfunction medication does not completely eliminate this ailment, but only temporarily removes impotence symptoms.

How to get rid of erectile dysfunction completely? Change your lifestyle, use high potency foods, various diets, sports and auto-training – these options will help one hundred percent get rid of even the most severe erectile dysfunction types.

Impotence: Natural Remedies

Healthy lifestyle

What are the best erectile dysfunction home remedies? You need some lifestyle changes to prevent erectile dysfunction.

  • The first thing is to have a full eight-hour sleep;
  • Walks in the fresh air for at least an hour;
  • Do jogging, some potency exercises, for example, sipping, muscle tension every 3 hours;
  • Take a morning cool shower.
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Male potency foods

There is food that improves potency, but there are also male potency killers.

How to treat impotence via high potency food?

  1. Do not abuse foods which contains protein, especially fatty pork;
  2. Eat more seafood, for example, crabs, mushrooms, mussels, prawns – they are the best products that increase potency;
  3. Eat more nuts and pumpkin seeds;
  4. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet;
  5. Minimize pasta and fried potatoes;
  6. Cool buckwheat and oatmeal;
  7. Do not drink much coffee, because coffee reduces testosterone levels;
  8. Drink fresh juices and green tea that perfectly increases potency.

Exercises to increase male potency

  • One of the fastest ways to treat erectile dysfunction is walking. Such activity regulates blood circulation in the genital organs, controls the function of the testicles, improves men’s physical shape. To get a good result, you have to go up to five kilometers each day;
  • Do exercises for potency in the morning – they improve blood circulation in the pelvic area. Such exercises can be done in a lying and sitting position.


How to improve potency naturally? You need to have a positive mood, believe in yourself. To do this, you need to tell yourself some positive phrases about 30 times a day, for example, “I’m completely healthy, confident in my abilities, my masculine strength is growing day by day.”

Now you have learned how to cure erectile dysfunction at home. If you follow all these simple rules, you will quickly get rid of this unpleasant illness without a doctor.