Healthy Nutrition is the Main Condition of a Healthy Lifestyle

Hunger satisfaction is one of the most important instincts of an organism as it guarantees the preservation of life. Therefore, our life depends on what we eat, in what quantity, when and how.

Food of the person is one of the most important factors which directly influences the health of the person.

Improper feeding leads to violation of functions of as separate human organs, so organism in general. Defective in structure food is also harmful, as well as lack of food or its oversupply.

For this reason, food needs to be paid attention to and we must take all the necessary efforts in order to make it decent!

The healthy nutrition is a receipt in an organism and digestion of those substances which are necessary for completion of the spent energy, construction and restoration of fabrics, regulation of organs operation in a human body.

Food Pyramid

pyramid1The schematic image of the fundamental principles of healthy food can be seen at the food pyramid developed by foreign nutritionists and approved by specialists. In this pyramid, we see not certain products, but five big groups of products, which help us diversify the food allowance and choose those products which are pleasant or suitable for us. It is quite simple to balance the food, using a pyramid. Let’s take a more detailed look at a food pyramid.

In the bottom of a pyramid (on the basis) there are products which should prevail in the person’s ration, higher to the top – the products which the person shall use the least of all.

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Products in a food pyramid are conditionally divided into portions. The portion is a conditional size and can equal, for example, 100 gr. or another size which is more convenient to you. The quantity of portions necessary for the specific person depends on age, sex, a complete set, the state of health and degree of activity. The food pyramid for the average person who isn’t weakened by diseases and hard physical work is given below:

  • Fat, salt, sugar, sweets (it is necessary to minimize)
  • Dairy products, yogurts, cheese (2-3 portions)
  • Meat products, bird, fish, beans, eggs, nuts (2-3 portions)
  • Vegetables and fruit (5-9 portions)
  • Wholegrain products (6-11 portions)

Wholegrain products

The basis of the food pyramid is the food cooked from grain. Graham bread, porridges, macaroni from whole-wheat flour, the crude rice belongs to wholegrain products. Also this group of the pyramid includes vegetable fats (olive, sunflower and other oils).

Vegetables and fruitnatural-and-heatlhy-food

Vegetables and fruit are very useful to a human body. They are low-calorie and contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, and also contain water and cellulose which create a feeling of satiety.

Meat products, bird, fish, beans, eggs, nuts

This group of products is also called protein-containing products. It is desirable to give preference to fish, fowl, beans as they contain fewer fats, than others protein-containing animal products. Bean and nuts contain many useful vitamins and minerals.

Dairy products, yogurts, cheese

These products are protein-containing too and are placed on the same level with meat products, a bird, fish, beans, eggs and nuts in the food pyramid. Dairy products provide us with proteins, calcium and other nutrients.

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Fat, salt, sugar, sweets

This group of products shall be minimized in a ration of healthy food, and better – excluded from a diet of the person. Margarine, products from white flour, sweets, carbonated drinks also belong to this group of

Fundamentals of healthy nutrition:

  • Try to bring closer your food ration to the commonly accepted food pyramid which was described above. Vegetables, fruit and grain shall become the main products of your ration.
  • Try to use only fresh products. As a last resort, it is possible to prepare semifinished products. The ready food which is on sale in many shops and requires only a warming up should be excluded from a diet.
  • The healthy balanced food implies the use of all groups of products. Therefore try not to replace or exclude specific groups of products. It is just necessary to observe proportions and to diversify the food.
  • If it is necessary to have a bite – eat fruit, nuts or dried fruits.
  • As often as possible include in your ration different types of cabbage (white, red, broccoli, color, Bruxelles). Cabbage has many useful characteristics, scientists also proved that cabbage considerably reduces the risk of oncological diseases developing.
  • Whenever possible eat food with the low content of fat.
  • Try to reduce alcohol intake as much as possible, also sugar and salt.

food1Remember that the eaten food has to be counterbalanced by the corresponding physical activity. In a basis (the most lower part) of the food pyramid developed by the Harvard school of public catering, there are liquids and physical activity.

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Don’t wait for instant results from switching to healthy food. Gradually you will notice that you have become more energetic, the dream was restored, you began to fall ill much less and much quicker to recover, the weight became normalized and some more pleasant moments.

If it is difficult for you to estimate the food ration and to switch to the balanced food, a notebook and a pen will help you. Write down everything that you eat within a week and at the end of the week, you will be able to estimate to find out what products prevail in your diet currently and what products should be added or excluded from a diet to balance the food.