Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction is a problem that any man can face, regardless of age. Impotence can be temporary and become only a single failure in man’s unmarried life and can become a constant companion, depriving him of delights of sexual life.

Nowadays, hundreds of ways of treating male impotence have been developed. Each of them differs depending on the duration of course of treatment, cost of drugs and quality of institution in which restoration of potency is performed.

However, in most cases, such course of treatment can be long and will not guarantee a patient 100% recovery of male power. To ensure that this problem does not catch you off guard, you should carefully monitor yourself and in time see the main signs of erectile dysfunction at an early stage.

Strangely enough, but first of all problems in sex can arise because of stress, failures, quarrels and other situations that harm the nervous system of the body. If a man overworked too much at work and comes home with only one idea – to eat and go to bed, then sex is not expected.

Fatigue affects not the only potency but also work of the whole organism. If a man has something bad in his life or he has a job that causes constant stress, then this will serve as a sure sign of upcoming problems in bed.

Fortunately, this type of impotence is temporary and soon everything should be fine. The main thing is to solve your problems as quickly as possible and return to the normal pace of life. Human body perfectly feels when the environment becomes tensed and shows its protective qualities.

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The First Signs of Impotence

Violation of potency, which happens regularly, speaks of problems on the level of the reproductive system, but not nervous, as it was in the first case. The given problem should really disturb a man as there is no hope for self-treatment of an organism.

The first signs of impotence in this case manifest themselves much earlier than problems during sexual intercourse, therefore, it is important to detect them and in time seek help from specialists. The main symptoms of organic (permanent) erectile dysfunction are:

  • problems with morning erection. A man no longer wakes up with penis in «combat readiness». If this is observed more often, it means it’s time to worry;
  • sudden weakening of erection. If everything was fine before sexual intercourse, but at the most crucial moment, at culmination of the whole action, penis ceased to show signs of life;
  • erection does not appear even after stimulation. If there are problems on psychological level, stimulation of penis on the part of partner most often helps, but if it does not lead to anything, problem has already passed to reproductive system;
  • a man no longer shows his former sexual attraction. This problem is rather delicate. The problem can be in partner, and in man. If change of partner is impossible, then it is worthwhile to apply some tricks that diversify sexual life. For this, various role plays or aphrodisiacs will be used. Such methods are not something out of the ordinary, and doctors often recommend them to men who have slight decrease in potency;
  • premature ejaculation. This symptom is a separate problem, which has its own solutions. However, in general, it is ejaculation during weak erection that can mean that a man urgently needs to think about his sexual health.
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And the most important, that unites all these symptoms is regularity with which they are manifested. Even if a man had bad luck in bed 2 – 3 times in a row, this is already a good reason to visit a doctor. The main insidiousness of impotence of this kind is that it comes gradually. Erection decreases every day until it reaches a critical level. Consequently, the earlier a man seeks help, the more likely it is to start active sexual life again. The first signs of impotence are already manifesting themselves quite clearly to be seen. Unfortunately, a considerable part of men is afraid to confess their problems. Therefore, most reputable institutions conduct anonymous treatment.

Signs at Young Age

In general, symptoms of impotence manifest themselves in old age. As a rule, by this time work of reproductive system is weakened and this is not a big surprise. It is quite another thing when potency begins to weaken at the young age when a man did not manage to have children, and proper functioning of reproductive system is vitally important.

Signs of impotence at the young age can be several times more dangerous than that of men at the elderly age. The thing is that at such young age the body is developing sperm at full, and rare sex can lead to sad consequences. However, for the most part, these signs quickly and impotence disappears without a trace.

It’s all about features of the functioning of the body of a young man. A young organism that only gets stability can often fail. In addition, reproductive system may malfunction due to overwork.

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What to Do if there are First Signs of Impotence?

First of all, a man must change his way of life. If in life there is a constant source of stress, then it should be avoided. If it is a job, then you can try to change it. If it is close people, improving relations with them will be the best way out.

If a representative of the stronger sex is experiencing psychological impotence, caused by stress and failure, then it will be enough to get enough sleep and lead a normal life. Incorrect daily routine can also affect potency, so be sure to plan everything.

You should keep a diet. Such a diet excludes spicy and fatty foods, which lower level of testosterone in the body. Also, you should abandon bad habits – smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs affect the functioning of the whole body, which will affect potency.

A healthy lifestyle is one of the main options for eliminating first signs of impotence. Easy jogging, going to tennis or swimming pool will be an excellent stimulator for increasing potency.

And most importantly, it should be remembered that in case of regular manifestations of symptoms, you should seek help from doctors and not postpone the entire matter for later. With this approach, you can deprive yourself of pleasures of active sexual life.