All You Need To Know about Healthy Nutrition

Healthy nutrition is one of the main basis of health. The correct use of “good” food is capable to prevent a set of problems and to solve existing ones. Constant following the principles of healthy nutrition will allow you, to support the optimum weight, to strengthen immunity, to normalize metabolism, digestive functions, and other systems. It will also help you to prolong youth and to keep, and sometimes, even to recover the health of an organism.

In the organization of healthy nutrition, there are many various nuances and subtleties, which can be comprehended and understood completely only over time. Nevertheless, Canadian Pharmacy Mall has a number of the basic rules which make a basis for healthy nutrition. 

Simple Rules for a Healthy LifeHealthy Nutrition

How to start a healthy diet? First of all, it’s desirable to address a diet doctor. Remember, during a day it is necessary to eat at least three times, but it is better four, five or even six times. And all daily meals should be organized at the same time – you should have a diet plan. Such diet gives many benefits:

  1. It will protect from overeating;
  2. the digestive system will not be overloaded;
  3. you will avoid having an excess snack and to distribute the caloric content of dishes;
  4. such regime will significantly improve digestion.


The general caloric content of a diet needs to be considered even if you don’t aim to lose weight. Its day regulation for a woman is 1600-2000 kcal, for men – about 2200 kcal. However, these figures are very conditional as each person spends different amount of energy. caloriesCaloric content of a daily diet needs to be calculated individually and depends on age, sex, a body constitution and a level of physical activity.

  • The person who is actively playing sports spends much more energy than an office employee, who even forgot where his sneakers lie.
  • The diet menu should be constituted so that the amount of the energy (calories) received by an organism with food and its expense were balanced. If there aren’t enough calories, the organism will weaken, if their quantity is extra big, the organism will begin to lay surplus in store in the form of cholesterol and fat. Caloric content is recommended to be reduced, first of all, at the expense of carbohydrates, and then fats.
  • Food is recommended to be organized correctly: a breakfast and a lunch should be the most nutritious meals per day, snacks and a dinner should consist of easily digestible products. For example, in case of four times meals, the caloric content of a breakfast has to be about 25-35%, a lunch – about 30-40%, a snack – about 10-15%, a dinner – about 15-25%

Multi ration

There should be various products in the diet menu. The more their quantity is, the more healthy substances your organism receives.
Besides, do not forget to take vitamins throughout a year. Now you may buy vitamins, herbal supplements for weight loss and other weight loss drugs at Canadian Health&Care Mall on the convenient conditions.

The optimum ration of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates is 1:1:4. The menu should include only healthy products which will be able to provide your organism with everything that it is necessary for it. The healthy balanced nutrition implies consumption in large numbers of fruit, greens, and vegetables (and the last shall be more, than the first), smaller amounts of meat, dairy products, fishes, porridges, a bird, etc.

Moderation in food

Overeating is one of the most frequent reasons for excess weight and problems with digestion. To avoid an overeating, it’s recommended to stop eating when you still feel a slight hunger. Don’t eat while reading books, sitting at the computer or watching TV.

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Drink more water

It is recommended to consume about two liters of water per day. To be exact, you should drink the main part of it till six in the evening. At the same time, it is desirable to refuse liquids consumption within half an hour before the meal and after it. It is connected with the fact that liquid is capable to change the concentration of gastric juice that causes digestion violations.

 Simple and fresh foods

  • Try to eat only freshly cooked food, at the same time prepare the simplest dishes consisting at most of 4 ingredients. For example, the portion of stewed eggplants will be much more useful, than ragout from meat and a large number of vegetables.
  • To ease your life and to increase “usefulness” of a diet, you should eat more products without subjecting to heat treatment. Cottage cheese, berries, vegetables, yogurt, greens, fruit, etc. belong to such products.

Exclude fried food

Exclude fried food, it is necessary to exclude also salty, greasy and spicy food from a diet. However, you can not refuse fats completely as they are necessary for the organism. Just try to replace the most part of animal oils with vegetable ones.

Some products are capable to influence an organism positively, others, on the contrary, can worsen its activities and affect a condition of organs and even systems. The task of healthy nutrition is to eliminate harmful food from a healthy weight loss diet. Learn how to lose weight quickly and with safety.

Recommended products

  1. vegetablesFine sources of complex carbohydrates are grain products, such as porridge, brown rice, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, bulgur;
  2. It is possible to include macaroni in a diet, paste from firm types of wheat, buckwheat noodles;
  3. Carbohydrates and proteins are contained in bean – lentil, chick-pea, peas, haricot;
  4. Fresh greens, all species of cabbage, onions, garlic, such root crops as a garden radish, a celery, a parsnip, beet, daikon, horse-radish will become sources of cellulose and many other useful substances;
  5. Various vegetables (eggplants, cucumbers, pumpkin, pepper, tomatoes, bush pumpkins, an asparagus, etc.), fruit, berries and even seaweed will be very healthy too;
  6. Best sources of proteins are a bird, low-fat types of meat, seafood, eggs, fish and, of course, fermented milk products;
  7. Not refined vegetable oils and nutseds will help to satisfy the need of an organism in fats.

Undesirable products

  • Flour products, especially from high-grade flour, macaroni, bread, fancy bread, etc.;
  • confectionery, candies, etc.;
  • store juices;
  • sugar (it is allowed about a tablespoon per day);
  • salt in the minimum quantities;
  • smoked products, sausages, canned food;
  • chocolate;
  • coffee.

These products shouldn’t become a healthy weight loss diet basis, it is better to exclude them or use occasionally. There are strictly forbidden products, these are various snacks, fast food, purchased sauces, sweet aerated water, alcohol and other products which contain a set of additives and preservatives. Your organism will only suffer is you eat them.

The correct combination of products

On assurances of nutritionists not all products can be used during one meal. This is explained by the fact that joint use of certain types of food leads to violation of digestive processes and interferes with normal digestion of substances.

What products aren’t recommended to be combined:

  • Milk and fish;
  • carbohydrates with sour products;
  • proteins with sour products;
  • proteins with fats;
  • proteins with carbohydrates, for example, bread, potatoes, it is better to combine them with vegetable food – vegetables, fruit or berries;
  • macaroni or bread (if they, of course, are included in a diet) should be combined only with fats (animal, vegetable) and vegetables.
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Don’t eat many starch-containing products for once, if you eat porridge or potatoes, refuse bread.

A healthy diet during pregnancy

pregnancy dietThe ration of a pregnant woman can be made according to the general principles of healthy food. The only important difference is the day caloric content of a diet: 3200 kcal per day. It is impossible to increase caloric content of a diet due to sweets, bread, candies, macaroni, fats, porridges, fish, meat, vegetables, berries, and fruit.

The pregnant women are recommended to eat only qualitative products.

  1. In the first trimester, the daily norm of calories has to remain the same as before pregnancy. On early terms, it is worth increasing consumption of proteins and fresh vegetables, greens, fruit. Try to consume protein-containing food for lunch and a breakfast, evening meal shall be the lightest;
  2. In the second trimester, it is worth reducing habitual volumes of portions, parallelly increasing the number of meals. In the third trimester, women are quite often recommended to reduce consumption of salt and liquid, due to the danger of hypostases developing.

Healthy nutrition for children

child well-beingFood and health of children are closely connected. Harmful products in the child’s ration mat lead to a set of problems, beginning from a decline in working capacity and finishing with obesity and diseases accompanying it.

The kid needs to be taught to healthy nutrition since the infancy so that he could grow healthy and active. There are special recommendations about food for every age. For example, what it is allowed to the three-year-old kid, can be categorically forbidden to a one-year-old child. The task of each parent is to conduct an attentive study and follow all the rules.

  • The healthy nutrition for children shall be based on the same principles, as for adults. Organizing it, pay special attention to the meals regime, a variety of a diet and lack of harmful products.
  • Food for children shall be the most natural with no chemical additives. It’s not easy to find such food in stores, therefore try to cook the majority of dishes independently. How to make your kid eat all the dishes? Show the imagination, arranging the food in the form of ridiculous little men, small animals, flowers, etc.

Healthy nutrition for weight loss

Now it’s well-known that many fashionable diets, especially those that promise quick weight loss, are capable to do harm to health. To get rid of extra kilos it isn’t obligatory to starve, in many cases, it is rather simple to follow the principles of healthy nutrition. Of course, in extra kilos won’t be lost immediately, but the results will be fixed and lost kilos won’t return within several months. Besides such weight loss will be harmless, even, on the contrary, will bring only benefit to the organism.

  • weight loss planHealthy nutrition ration for weight loss generally shall remain the same to the described earlier. It is necessary to refuse undesirable products completely, in addition, it is worth excluding potatoes, white rice and grapes. It is worth choosing minimum fat dairy products, but not fat-free as they, as a rule, contain not use additives.
  • If you wish more notable weight reduction, it is worth correcting a diet a little. First of all, it concerns a daily caloric content of the diet. Weight will be steadily lost if to reduce it approximately by 300 calories i.e. if the energy value of the products consumed in a day constituted 1700 calories, it shall be reduced to 1500 calories if you want to lose weight.
  • You should control the volume of portions. You shouldn’t eat a large number of food, even low-calorie products. It can lead to stomach stretching, as a result, it will require more food each time. One portion of food should be of a glass size.
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Top-10 most healthy products

A balanced diet is a necessary condition for a perfect health. Both doctors and representatives of nonconventional medicine recommend eating natural products only. Each person practicing a healthy lifestyle needs to know fundamentals of healthy nutrition.

  1. Vegetables. All vegetables which are grown up in a natural way are good for health and vital for decent organs functioning, cages and tissues of a human body. Vegetables contain cellulose, vegetable protein (in a small amount), minerals, vitamins, mineral substances. The most healthy and available vegetables are carrots, various grades of cabbage, onions, garlic, tomatoes.
  2. Natural fresh fruit is the products beneficial to heart and blood vessels, digestive bodies, the endocrine system. Besides, fruit, as well as vegetables, contain cellulose. The most useful fruit: apples, bananas, avocado.berries Doctors and dietarians recommend to use fruit daily: they promote the full functioning of a digestive system, a nervous system, blood vessels and prevent a set of diseases.
  3. Berries are close to fruit and vegetables by their characteristics, but they contain a lower amount of cellulose and more minerals, nutrients, vitamins. Besides, that berries regulate metabolic processes.There is a great number of berries: sea-buckthorn, bilberry, strawberry, cranberry, cherry, raspberry, blackcurrant, Mespilus, cloudberries, grapes, bird cherry. Some pharmaceutical companies prepare effective vegetable medicines from berries.
  4. Beans are a perfect source of vegetable protein, vitamins, celluloses, antioxidants, and minerals.
  5. Nuts are a source of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins.
    In fact, nuts resemble the fruits covered with a firm peel. This product can be used separately and as a part of other dishes. The most healthy nuts: walnut, almonds, hazelnut (filbert), peanut, cashew, chestnut. Nuts are used not only for food but also for treatment of various illnesses.
  6. Honey is a natural source of glucose and contains a huge number of healthy components. The honey collected in environmentally friendly zones and prepared without heat treatment is the natural medication with a toning, antibacterial, strengthening and immunostimulating effect. It is used in case of all types of digestive frustration, anemia, vascular illnesses.
  7. Fish is a source of protein and fat omega acids. Salmon is especially useful. oliveoilFish improves blood circulation, strengthens immunity. Besides, fish has a high nutritional value.
  8. Green tea contains polyphenolums, carotenoids, vitamin C, minerals. Green tea is a natural antioxidant which is positively influencing all systems and organs. The regular use reduces the risk of cardiac pathologies, strokes, a lithogenesis, caries, diseases of a liver, oncologic illnesses.
  9. Olive oil is a good way to fight an excess amount of cholesterol. Besides, olive oil contains a large number of useful trace substances and vitamins.
  10. Products from coarse flour contain complex carbohydrates which don’t promote an increase in weight (unlike rich grain products). The use of such bread reduces the risk of diabetes, digestive diseases, and vascular pathologies.

The most healthy food is a combination of vegetable food, dietary proteins, fats in the form of useful acids.

Now you know what products are healthy and what should be excluded from your ration. Following the mentioned diet, we will improve the health, mood and working capacity.