Benefits of Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements are formulations in form of herbal liqueurs, extracts tinctures (alcohol), infusions (without alcohol), creams, dry and liquid concentrate, syrups, tablets, powders. It is necessary to distinguished flavoring, color- and form-building supplements from nutritional supplements, which do not make up for nutrients in body but are used to improve taste, appearance, and safety of food products.Herbal supplementsAccording to experts, people’s health depends on:

  • 12% – level of health care;
  • 18% – genetic predispositions;
  • 70% – lifestyle, the most important component of which is nutrition.

Medical opinions, never showing stability in general, throughout all of human history were unanimous on one point: the worse the food, the more the diseases. Experts say that nowadays person’s diet must contain more than 600 different substances (nutrients). Unfortunately, not everyone can afford balanced diet because prices on such products are diverse. And biologically active additives come to aid. BAA is a concentration of natural substances extracted from food raw animal material (including marine), mineral, vegetable, or obtained by chemical synthesis substances identical to natural analogs.

The vast majority of them has various therapeutic properties if enters the body in specified amounts, proportions, and combinations. The main difference from drugs is dietary supplements that help the body to hold self-adjustment and eliminate disorders leading to diseases’ development. Dietary supplements do not perform, instead of body regulatory systems but eliminate deficiency or excess of any of compounds in the human body. Their application allows you to restore body consecutively without causing injuries, without side effects typical for many drugs. The great number of herbal supplements are available at our online pharmaceutical company.

Our herbal supplements brands:

  • Himalaya;
  • Kapikachhu;
  • Mentat Pills;
  • Pilex;
  • Ginseng;
  • Chyavanaprasha;
  • Spirulina;
  • Kof Tea;
  • Guduchi;
  • Punarnava.

Types of Dietary Supplements

There are three types of herbal supplements:

  • nutraceutical;
  • parapharmaceutical;
  • eubiotic.

Nutraceuticals are essential nutrients (food components), such as vitamins or their precursors, polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals and microelements, individual amino acids, some of monosaccharides and disaccharides, etc. Generally, it is an ingredient of natural food but such components cannot be stored in the organism for long, they cannot be delayed, so they must constantly be present in ratio.Nutraceuticals are used to correct chemical composition of food. This is kind of intermediate between food and medicine, which saturates the body with nutrients, but they cannot completely replace food. With the help of nutraceuticals, it is possible to can adjust diet, improve body, prevent disease’s development, but they can not cure disease.

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Parapharmaceuticals are used for prevention, adjunct therapy, and maintenance of physiological boundaries of organs and systems functional activity. These are organic components of food and medicinal plants, seafood and animal tissue components.

Typically, these are minor food ingredients such as:

  • organic acids;
  • bioflavonoids;
  • caffeine;
  • biogenic amines;
  • di- and oligopeptides regulators;
  • others.

Parapharmaceutics daily dose or in case of its active ingredient composition should not exceed single therapeutic dose determined for them as medicaments; they should be taken at least twice a day.

Eubiotics are biologically active food supplements, which contain live microorganisms and (or) its metabolites, have a normalizing effect on the structure and biological activity of digestive tract microflora. It is created on basis of natural human intestinal microorganisms (bifidobacteria, lactobacilli, etc..). They limit the proliferation of pathogenic micro-organisms and are used to normalize composition and functioning of saprophyte intestinal microflora. These dietary supplements are of great importance for prevention and adjuvant therapy of widespread dysbacteriosis.

From these definitions, it follows that there is not a clear distinction between groups of dietary supplements, and this classification has no practical value for the consumer, although dietary supplements group is often indicated on packages. But to find out, whether a specific product contains potent or toxic components will be not superfluous. Especially there is no certain and clearly reasoned opinion what such dietary supplements are and their role in the organization of human nutrition is not defined. But if you decide to apply such supplements, you are welcome to our website where you will find different medications meeting all your needs.

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Herbal Supplements: Advantages and Disadvantages

Very Active Agents

Dietary supplements not only entered our lives, they rushed into it as a huge crowd – with colorful handouts, badges “If you want to lose weight – ask me how” and loud slogans. Sellers of cherished bottles promise to deprive you of all diseases at once and forever, using only natural, essential, environmentally friendly, exclusive, hitherto secret raw material and its components.

“Free Shipping”, “buy one bottle – one free”, free seminars, shows, mass mailings via e-mail, bringing to the sale of medical supplements, it is all about BAA. Properly built aggressive advertising campaign in conjunction with an active anti-propaganda method of conventional medicine will give the best results. All it has done its job and dietary supplements worldwide gained incredible popularity, comparable only to the popularity of soap operas on television.

It does not matter how many such supplements cost – tens of cents, or tens of dollars, people get hope for miraculous healing, but you will grudge neither strength nor time nor money.  The price at our pharmacy is the most attractive and it refers not only to herbal supplements but to other drugs as well.

Add Together – Burst into Tears

Meanwhile, official worldwide organizations woke up and began finally to wonder what composition such biologically active substances have. And it turned out that it is not so calm in “BAA kingdom” that some additives are not only beneficial but also considerably damage health.

Dietary supplements are not a cure, and as a medicine, they can not be used anywhere. It was cited a number of examples when requirements for sale of dietary supplements were violated. But it was proved that not all pharmacies sell genuine BAA, but Canadian Pharmacy Mall is rich in supplements effective and high quality as well.

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Some dietary supplements contain very real drugs such as kava-kava.

Most of all violations are related to discrepancies in information submitted to label, the information in the registration certificate. In 17.3% of nutritional supplements do not have data about the date of manufacture and contraindications for use. Nothing is said about the fact that BAA is not a drug. Often, dietary supplements are implemented, not having certificates of quality and safety. There are even cases when they are in circulation without registration certificates.


Biologically active substances manufactured in compliance with all technologies, properly stored, properly recommended to a consumer are beneficial. But they are not drugs, but food products, which correct shortcomings of a diet of modern man.

Supplements are delivered into the organism by micronutrients that are necessary and which we cannot provide by ordinary food in sufficient quantity. But they have to meet their purpose and all hygienic standards.

It is known, where the road is paved with good intentions. Nevertheless, we want to believe that this time will be different, and people will get high-quality medications and biologically active substances.

However, as long as dietary supplements will be sold in pharmacies but not in the nearest supermarket, until financially interested in the sale of a particular additive doctors do not stop ‘urge’ their patients to take instead of drugs “this wonderful means,” until it will crumble in our mail and email boxes endless spam about getting rid of all diseases, dietary supplements in minds of our citizens will be firmly associated with effective inert alternative of official medicine, and certainly none with ordinary supplement to it. Nothing can be done, especially with national mentality.